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Important update regarding the shop.
Important update regarding the shop.
WonHobby33 Reveals! - Hobby Ultra Ltd

WonHobby33 Reveals!

It's that wonderful time of the year again, when Good Smile Company and Max Factory reveal what they've been working on recently, as they reveal new Nendoroids, Pop Up Parades, statues, Figmas and more!

So, we thought it was worth highlighting some of those reveals, as we look at a bunch of Demon Slayer reveals, some Genshin Impact and a few neat surprises.

Genshin Impact fans, rejoice! Players of the hugely successful game don't get one Nendoroid reveal, but THREE! 

Fans of the game will be getting Venti, the loveable bard, and two of the travellers, Aether and Lumine! These are just the non-painted prototypes they're showing off for now, so it'll be a while before they're offered - but heck, we're sure their pre-orders will turn up soon!

Shaman King has been making the rounds again, and since it kicked off the manga in 1998 it's been a fan-favourite for many. With the new manga editions coming out, there's no better time to get started.

Shaman King has also received numerous new figure announcements recently, but the main character, Yoh Asakura, is now getting a Figma! GSC aren't stopping there though, as there's even a new Figma of Anna Kyoyama!


Nadia now has a painted prototype Nendoroid, from the Gainax anime, Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water! Now, she looks absolutely adorable, and it's nice that Nadia is getting more figures and model kits since it aired 30 years ago!

We're a big fan of Sadomoto's character designs, but surely having a new Nendoroid from a Gainax show means we're closer to getting TV versions of Evangelion characters? Right? We still want a Misato...

One thing we didn't expect to see, was an announcement of Nendoroids from the new Godzilla show, Singular Point. We've yet to watch the show as we're still waiting for the Netflix UK release, but check out the announcements!

Three new Godzilla: SP Nendoroids are a nice little surprise, but where are our kaiju Nendoroids? Where's a Jet Jaguar Nendoroid? We know we'd sell thousands of those.

For all you elite gamers out there, GSC and Max Factory have you covered with a whole host of sweet merchandise from your favourite videogame. For Nier fans, they'll be happy to know that A2 now has a painted prototype, and she looks great!

However, if you've recently been playing Nier: Replicant and you've been wondering, 'where the heck are my Kainé Nendoroids?!', then don't worry - GSC have you covered, with a new Nendoroid of the foul-mouthed sidekick!

She looks great, and very fitting for the Nendoroid scale. We'd love to see an Emil Nendoroid too, or even Popola and Devola! Here's hoping, right? We may or may not be on our 5th playthrough of Replicant, just to get that new ending. Yeah that's right, we're dedicated to Yoko Taro's craft!

One thing we did not expect to see, is a brand new announcement of a Hades Pop Up Parade figure! Hades was undoubtedly one of the best games of 2020 and we played it to death.

With the news that there's a new Pop Up Parade, surely this can mean we're getting more figures on the way, right? We would kill, die, and kill again for a Nendoroid or Figma of Zagreus. 

We finally have a painted prototype of Maria of the Astral Clocktower, from Bloodborne! The Bloodborne series has been hugely popular for Figma collectors, with Hunter recently being re-released (we even have a few slots left!).

Take a look at Maria of the Astral Clocktower, who looks simply incredible with fine detailing and superb paint apps. We'll be sure to announce when pre-orders go live!

Jujutsu Kaisen has been one of the biggest sensations in anime and manga as of late and GSC have been pushing out Nendoroids where and whenever they can. They've been hugely popular for us, and we plan to continue providing the masses with merchandise from the hit anime.

If fans aren't content with Bandai's S.H.Figuarts or even GSC's Nendoroids and they want more, well they can look no further than the new PUP figures that got announced!

Demon Slayer is possibly our biggest seller when it comes to anime merch, so we're more than happy to see announcements regarding new figures! We've lost count of how many Zenitsu and Nezuko Nendoroids we've sold, and yet GSC keep releasing more!

We're happy to see a new painted prototype for Shinobu, and she looks absolutely incredible! We love Koyoharu's character designs for Demon Slayer, and Shinobu is no exception.

If you're not content with a new Shinobu Nendoroid and you want to represent your best boys, well, GSC have you covered with new Pop Up Parades of Zenitsu and the leader of the gang, Inosuke! No Gonpachiro figures allowed.

What can we expect next when it comes to Demon Slayer products from GSC? We're hoping for a painted prototype of the Inosuke Figma soon, but we'll also be on the look out Tengen Uzui, who will be the main star of the new season!

We welcome any new Moderoids for Hobby Ultra with open arms, and when it comes to Moderoids of new shows we absolutely love? Well, we'll take a bunch of those, please.

GSC have a new Moderoid of SSSS.Dynazenon coming out, and we can't wait to snap those pieces together and then display the giant mech with our Gridman Universe collection. 

We did expect some more Figmas or Nendoroids for Dynazenon, but there's always the next WonFes, right? We expect a Minami Figma soon, GSC...

There were a few unexpected announcements, and this brand new Gwenpool DX Nendoroid is one of them! We're big fans of the original comic, The Unbelievable Gwenpool, so we're excited to see the character represented as a cute new Nendoroid.

Still, that's not at all for Marvel Nendoroids. We even have this Venom Nendoroid, which looks like it'll be a great piece to include in any Spider-Man collection. Whilst not seen in the image below, Venom will also include a selection of accessories, just to show off that lovely green goo.

Now, what would a WonFes announcement be without the appearance of a Miku anywhere? We've stocked loads of Miku in the past (and we're not comfortable with saying how many Figmas we own personally), and we'll continue to stock more releases, such as this new Figma, Racing Miku 2021 Ver.!

We have some more Miku on the way, so keep an eye out for more news regarding those. For now though, don't forget that everything you see here will be available to pre-order! Just contact us for any enquiries regarding new stock.

We're fully aware we haven't showcased any Hololive Nendoroids and Figmas, and there were a lot, but we have no shame in saying we need to really brush up on our knowledge of those before offering any out. Again, simply ask us for anything you want by emailing us at

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