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Important update regarding the shop.
Important update regarding the shop.
Our Comic Recommendations - Issue Two - Hobby Ultra Ltd

Our Comic Recommendations - Issue Two

We're back with issue two of Our Comic Recommendations, where we'll be looking at a small selection of comics from the June edition of Previews. These titles will be available around August and can be ordered now! 

If you want a copy of Previews, simply let us know.

So, to kick things off, here's a brief look at what we recommend. Whether you're new to comics or you're a veteran, we reckon you'll love these titles.

X-Men Trial of Magneto #01
We're going to start off with some Marvel titles, as one of the biggest sellers of the month will be The Trial of Magneto, which will focus on a grisly murder that takes place in the Hellfire Gala! 

How anyone can focus on murdering someone despite those fabulous costumes is anyone's guess, but this thrilling saga will upend the world of mutants, with the very future of Krakoa hanging in the balance!

A horrific murder. A shocking revelation. A trial that will divide the new mutant nation. Leah Williams and Valerio Schiti bring you a new epic that threatens the Reign of X and will upend the world of mutants. The truth is hidden, the danger is far from over, and the trial has begun

Fans should pick up X-Factor #10, which is the final issue in the series that leads straight into this new and exciting story.

For those that don't care for Nolan's Batman trilogy and they've always loved the classic Tim Burton films, well, they're certainly in for a treat with the new upcoming tile from DC Comics, Batman 89

Batman '89 #1

Batman 89 features art by one of our favourite, Joe Quinones, and it is a continuation of the original two movies, focusing on Bruce Wayne a few years into the future.

Apparently the focus is now on Harvey Dent, who was originally played by Billy Dee Williams (Lando from Star Wars), so perhaps we'll finally see Harvey's transformation into Two-Face in this new title. We're not sure what else is being featured in Batman 89, but we're pumped to see what happens.

Now DC, does this mean we completely wipe Batman Forever and Batman and Robin from that cinematic universe? We hope so...

Transformers fans are in for a right treat in August, so if they're not particularly happy with Siege, they can move on to two brand new titles from IDW Publishing! 

First off, we have a new series based on our personal favourite Transformer, Grimlock! Yes, King Grimlock features the iconic Transformers character in a solo adventure through a world of swords-and-sorcery unlike anything you've ever seen!

Transformers: King Grimlock #01

We'll take anything with Grimlock involved, but Transformers fans still get yet another new title, based on the popular Shattered Glass series! For those of you that don't know, Shattered Glass has been featured in toys before, as it focuses on switching around the typical story of the Transformers.

Instead of the Autobots striving to end the war and live peacefully, in this universe, the Autobots are power-hungry autocrats that hunt down the freedom-fighting Decepticons. 

Look out for the first issue of Transformers: Shattered Glass, when it hits the store early August! There may even be some Shattered Glass figures arriving in the future, too!

Transformers: Shattered Glass #01

Next up, we have Image Comics' biggest book of the summer, Echolands! This book has been in development for some time and it's sure to be a smash-hit, due to the creative team behind it.

That team is the multiple award winning Batwoman team JH Williams III and W. Haden Blackman, who have reunited for this epic new series. Echolands promises classic mobsters, cyborg elves, Roman demigods and even retro rocket ships, all in one delightful comic book cocktail.

To avoid disappointment and the hunt for Echolands, pre-order your copy today! We have a small preview below, just to entice you!

Echolands #01

Now, if you want any of these titles or more, please get in contact with us for subscriptions. We're in the process of providing a 10% off discount to anyone that subscribes with us, so for further information, please email us at

Keep checking back with us for further updates regarding stock, as we continue to supply you some of the finest merchandise around, from your upcoming new favourite comic book retailer.

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