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Important update regarding the shop.
Important update regarding the shop.

Ultraman Mini Egg Attack Figure 8 cm Assortment Ultraman Series & Gurihiru

Series: Ultraman
Spanning five and a half decades in Japan, the enduring classical series Ultraman has been loved by fans ever since its debut in 1966. A series showcasing this world Kaiju, Ultraman is the ultimate superhero built with pure strength and otherworldly powers!

In order to celebrate the 55th anniversary of Ultraman, Beast Kingdom's Mini Egg Attack (MEA) brand launches the MEA-042 ULTRAMAN SERIES& Gurihiru. A blind box set, the collection brings together the famous Japanese Gurihiru design team, with its unique American inspired designs and the Ultraman brand! Collect the entire series and enjoy a one of a kind collection from the great Ultraman superhero series and the Beast Kingdom's 'Entertainment Experience Brand'!

«Gomora»A Kaiju villain with a powerful tail attack, watch out when he goes for a swing!
«Alien Baltan»The first of its kind to appear from the stars, his huge hand pliers can cut through the hardest of enemies.
«King Joe»Is a super robot with alloy armor and a protective covering made of special metals. His futuristic computer brain can calculate many attack methods in advance!
«Sevenger»A powerful 'Capsule Monster' he was created from the Land Of Light, crash landing on earth in a capsule like craft!
«Ultraman Zero»Belonging to the Space Guard, the youngest of the Ultraman warriors wears his suite and powers with pride!
«Ultraman Tiga»The first Ultraman with the ability to change form, he has endured the test of time, bringing with him a selection of powerful combat abilities!

Collect the entire MEA-042 ULTRAMAN SERIES & Gurihiru to be in with a chance of winning limited edition characters! Be the envy of your friends and bring the ultimate Japanese superhero collection to your very own desk today!
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