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Important update regarding the shop.
Important update regarding the shop.

Cities On Fire (ALEPH)

Series: Misc

Madison Myers thought her first day working for Aleph-- the premier super-crime detection agency-- would be relatively straight forward. Tour the premises, get set up with a desk, and maybe even find time to read the staff handbook...

But when explosive assassins target her bosses, a long-dead supervillain returns from the grave, a rogue nation vows to unleash an army of super-powered monsters on the world, and a superhero imprisoned for ten long years experiences a change of fortune... Madison finds herself on the frontline of a twisting conspiracy involving mysterious forces with a taste for Aleph leadership's blood!

What happens when the group responsible for policing superheroes and villains is undermined at the foundation? What's their endgame? And who or what will be targeted next?

Welcome to Aleph, Madison Myers. You might not survive the experience!

CITIES ON FIRE is the first in an ongoing series of horror-tinged tales set in a superhero-filled universe!

- Published by one of our regulars, local to Leicester. Go support independent creators!

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