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Important update regarding the shop.
Important update regarding the shop.

Shodo Digimon Imperialdramon

Series: Digimon

Imperialdramon Dragon Mode

A Mega Ancient Dragon Digimon that exists since ancient times. It is clearly distinguishable from other Digimon by their abilities. Its ultimate attacked ‘Megadeath’ fires high-density dark matter that swallows everything into dark space. This fearsome move completely wipes out everything within a several hundred meter radius from the point of impact.

By transforming and changing parts, ‘Fighter Mode’ can also be reproduced!

Imperialdramon Fighter Mode

This is the form of the Ancient Dragon Digimon Imperialdramon : Dragon Mode transforming into the legendary dragon warrior through the unleashing of all its power. By changing to a humanoid form from the difficult-to-control Dragon Mode, it becomes a Mega Digimon with high intelligence. It is said the power in its attacks can destroy a planet.

Premium Bandai product.

Condition: new and sealed

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