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Important update regarding the shop.
Important update regarding the shop.

PG Unicorn Gundam

Series: Gundam
Piloted by Banagher Links, the PG Unicorn is the first Perfect Grade Bandai kit in four years, and the most impressive to date. A spectacular separate LED kit can be purchased to bring Unicorn to life in light on display! Fans can expect an array of extraordinary features from this kit --

A perfect reproduction of the transformation from Unicorn mode to Destroy mode (face guard expansion included)
The full-body red Psycoframe employs special translucent plastic for the 30-piece LED kit (sold separately) to shine through
The blade antenna, which can be expanded or collapsed for transformation, utilizes a magnet to display a beautiful, single horn in Unicorn mode, and the inner parts of the horn expose colored gold in Destroy mode
Elbows and knees are made to achieve the utmost range of movement without detracting from the appearance of their exteriors
Armament units around the knees are moveable in every mode
Included components:

Shield x1
Beam Magnum x1
Beam Magnum backup cartridge x1
Beam gatling gun x2
Beam saber x4
Beam bazooka x1
Display base
Detron stickers for all markings
Sold out
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Original price
£199.99 - £199.99
Current price £199.99