MPG-01 Transformers MPG Trainbot Shouki (PRE-ORDER)

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Transformers railroad theme commercialized!

"Trainbot's Shouki ", which was active in the TV anime "Transformers: The Headmasters", is now available in the new series "MPG"!

"MPG" is an abbreviation for Masterpiece G, which means GATTAI (union), GIANT (giant), and GREAT (great!).

The first from the new Transformers series "MPG", the Tokaido Shinkansen series is completely transformed into a robot!

As it is a full-possible specification, you can enjoy reproducing the poses in the play.

You can enjoy the display on the attached rail, and other weapons, seats, and chest parts for Raiden are included.

In addition, it has a triple change specification and can be transformed into the chest parts of "Raiden"!

You can complete "Leiden" by combining it with 5 types of trainbots that will be released in the future.

Product details:

Trainbot Shouki body (1)
weapon (1)
seat (2)
rail A (1)
rail B (1)
chest parts for Raiden (1)
joint parts (1)
character card (1)
Instruction manual (1)


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