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Important update regarding the shop.
Important update regarding the shop.

MG Sengoku Astray Gundam 1/100

Series: Gundam

The customized Sengoku Astray in the Master Grade quality that fans have come to expect.

Based on the Red Frame Astray, the Sengoku Astray is more heavily armoured than the original Red Frame and presented as a detailed 1/100 scale kit. Shoulder armour and shield are equipped with a deployment gimmick, and the kit is accurately colour-moulded with clear and plated parts and includes decals for the smaller details.

Sengoku Yoroi shoulder armour is deployable- use it to give the Sengoku Astray two extra sword-wielding arms or as a weapon to increase the Astray’s punching power.
Oni Tate shield is deployable to serve as rear protection or as an arm-mounted shield, and the ‘mouth’ of the shield can open.

Kotetsu and Kiku-ichimonji katana swords have chrome-plated blades! Recreate the dual-blade fighting style, and utilize the deployable shoulder armour as extra arms or knuckle weapons, and sheathe the swords in the shoulder armour

This Suit has its own remodeled Red Frame, along with the custom katanas Kotetsu and Kiku-ichimonji

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