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Important update regarding the shop.
Important update regarding the shop.

History is a Haunted House (ALEPH)

Series: Misc

The fires may be out, but danger still looms as Aleph reels from a series of devastating attacks!

But the threat that faces the present has tendrils in the past, as Zoya Zinchenko uncovers evidence linking Aleph’s origins to the group targeting them for destruction!

What links Nazi agent Black Death and assassins targeting Aleph’s leaders? Chernobyl with Russia’s super soldier initiative? How will an organisation specialising in facing superhuman threats fare against the supernatural?

And in the aftermath of Nicholas Quinlan’s sadistic message from beyond the grave... how will the supervillain population react?

Can Aleph hold the line between good and evil when they’ve become the target?

- Published by one of our regulars, local to Leicester. Go support independent creators!

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