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Dragon Ball Saiya-cat Cosplay Pack

Series: Dragon Ball
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Spoil your kitty this holiday season with our Saiya-Cat Cosplay Pack!

Curated by your team of anime fans and pet owners, this gift back includes an assortment of wearable items and toys for the cat owner who loves "Dragon Ball." Every item included is manufactured by the pet goods company Petio, who offers pet-friendly creations that are both fun and safe for your furry friends.

This pack comes gift wrapped in an orange gift bag!


  • Kigurumi Transformation Costume for Cats Son Goku
    This one-piece outfit will transform your cat into Goku, with the front paws in the sleeves to look like his legs, and plush arms to make it look like your cat is posing like Goku when viewed from the front. Great for showing off on Instagram or other social media!
  • Long Cat Teaser Toy (Yellow)
    A yellow/orange Dragon Ball-print teaser wand with an extra-long, 100cm ribbon that your cat will love to play with. There's a bell, inside, too, to really get your kitty's attention during playtime.
  • Cat Kicker Pillow Freeza
    A pillow toy shaped like Freeza, long enough for your cat to easily attack with all four paws at once. Best of all, there's catnip inside to really drive your kitty wild!