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Important update regarding the shop.
Important update regarding the shop.

Beyblade X BX-20 Drandagger Deck Set

Series: Beyblade

"BEYBLADE X" is a gear sport that offers extreme battles with astonishing speed and impact, thanks to the super-acceleration gimmick called "X-Dash."

This set includes three customized Beyblades in special colors. All three of them are customized to excel in using the X-Dash, allowing for aggressive battle strategies. In particular, the "Drangar 4-60R" is a Beyblade that maintains its dash power easily with a high-impact bit and a blade suitable for rapid-fire attacks, enabling continuous X-Dash and rapid attack capabilities.

Please note that to play with this product, you will need the separately sold BEYBLADE X series-specific stadium and launcher.

Product Contents:

  • Beyblades (3)
  • Ratchets (3)
  • Bits (3)
  • Instruction Manual (1)
  • Beycode Card (1)
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£37.99 - £37.99
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