Say to hello to Ultra Points, our new loyalty scheme which rewards customers with points on their purchases!

Hobby Ultra has always excelled in customer service and it's about time we went even further in rewarding our loyal shoppers! 

For every £1 spent on any purchase, customers will receive 3 Points. After customers have received 100 points, that's £3 off their order.

How does it work?

Customers can sign up to Ultra Points via the link on the homepage, which will also be linked to any current customer accounts. If you haven't got one, now is the time to create an account!

Points will be automatically added to any purchase made, and customers will be able to check their total number of Ultra Points on their account at any time.

These points can be applied to any product in the store, even if it's a pre-order or discounted.  

What are the bonuses?

  • Like on Facebook - 50 Points
  • Celebrate a birthday - 500 Points
  • Place an order - 3 Points for every £1 Spent
  • Refer a friend, they get £3 off, you get £3 off.

Do points expire?

Nope! There's no expiry or limit set on your Points. Collect as many as you want, redeem as much as you please.

Do these work in-store?

Adding an account whilst in our physical shop means points will still be added. Points should be able to be redeemed in our shop, too! Just speak to the person at the till in regards to your Points, and if there's any issues, Points can be manually changed for you.

I've ordered before without an account, what happens?

If you haven't set up an account before, Ultra Points will not be awarded to you for previous orders. However, a small number of returning customers with an account, should have received a small addition to their total!

If you have any other queries about Ultra Points, please don't hesitate to email us at