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Important update regarding the shop.
Important update regarding the shop.


With the world currently going the way of the Second Impact (or maybe Third?), delays have occurred on a number of products. This is due to coming out of a pandemic, along with new import issues and manufacturing delays.

Product pages are often updated to reflect their new arrival dates, but to keep updated about your pre-order, please contact the shop at

Hobby keeps a tight inventory of its pre-orders, so your order is always secure, so please bear that in mind if you want to get in touch.

In regards to Gundam and Bandai model kits, it is worth noting that the factories that manufacture these products have been closed several times throughout 2020 and 2021, so there's a huge issue with supply and demand. Hobby is trying its hardest to source Gundam from official suppliers, but kits are typically offered out in-store before going online due to high-demand - so come visit already!

- Matt Wells (Mr Manager/Director of Hobby Ultra Ltd)