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Important update regarding the shop.
Important update regarding the shop.
Transformers Kingdom Beast Wars


It's about time for update regarding new stock, right?

We've fully embraced the new Kingdom range from Hasbro's Transformers, and they are fantastic little figures. We've also had an addition of Studio Series deluxe figures, with the Voyager and Leader classes soon to arrive as well.

Our reasoning for expanding our range of anime merch to Transformers product is pretty simple, and it's solely because that's where our love for collectibles first started.

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Beast Wars aired in 1996 and is now celebrating 25 years of some of the best storytelling, characterisation and toys that the franchise has ever seen, so it's only fitting that we offer out some of the new Kingdom figures.

The new Kingdom range focuses on specific favourites, such as the leaders Optimus Primal and Megatron, but also the wise-cracking Rattrap, the courageous Cheetor and the short-tempered Dinobot.

They're some of the best figures Hasbro have put out in some time, meaning that collectors won't have to worry about spending a fortune hunting down specific Beast Wars Masterpiece figures. Thankfully, these new toys - especially Dinobot and Megatron - will be fine replacements for the MPs.

Beast Wars wowed us back then, because it was unlike anything we had ever seen before. Sure, the CGI hasn't dated very well, but there's still few shows that match the scriptwriting of Beast Wars.

Due to loving the show, our collection of old Beast Wars toys spilled out to around 40-50 different figures. We even have our classic Cheetor toy today, which sits nicely next to the Kingdom figure.

As Beast Wars reached the end of its run, there was still interest in the figures and that's when we realised that Japan had a whole selection of awesome characters. This was due to Beast Wars II (pretty original), a new animated show that featured the likes of Lio Convoy and Galvatron. 

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It was a wild concept for someone young who was in love with Beast Wars. There's a second BW show, and it's aired only in Japan? It's not in 3D?? They have exclusive figures from the show?!

It was mind-blowing, and from that moment on an obsession with Japanese toys began. Imported Japanese figures were tracked down at comic book shops for many years after this discovery, which ultimately lead to our collection of merchandise growing from simple Transforming cats to a whole host of Figmas, model kits, Figuarts and more.

We expect to stock a large selection of Transformers in the future, because Netflix's new series has given us some remarkable figures since it started. Where we will go after Kingdom? We're not sure, but heck, if we can get some Lio Convoy up in here, we'll be very happy.

By the time you've probably read this update, it's likely that we will have sold out of our Kingdom range already (they've already proven to be popular), but rest-assured we still continue to keep Transformers fans happy over the coming years.


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